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5 Ways to Reenergize Your Fitness Routine This Fall

5 Ways to Reenergize Your Fitness Routine This Fall

Have you found your fitness routine lagging as we wind down from summer? Not to worry: we all hit workout ruts, especially when the wet fall weather rolls in and sitting on the couch curled up with wooly blankets and turmeric lattes becomes increasingly more appealing. Sometimes we just need to shake it up and add some newness to our routine to get back on track.

Summer is out, and the cool air and fall colours are in, making it the perfect time to pick up that running regime you set aside for air-conditioned gyms and patio beers. Press the reset button on your workout routine with these 5 tips that will help shake things up this fall.

Try a new studio or class 

Give your body a break from the same position you’re in during your current routine — think tap backs on a stationary bike or non-stop chaturangas. Not only can this help spice things up and reduce boredom, but it also decreases the chances of injury.

Gyms and studios all over the city have first-timer discounts that are worth taking advantage of. F45 – the Australian HIIT workout that has locations popping up all over cities – offers a free one-week intro pass. You are guaranteed to sweat, have fun, and wake up the next morning feeling muscles you haven’t worked in a while! 

Yoga studios also often have great one-month pass options to get you into the swing of things. If you’re new to yoga or would prefer to do something at home, consider signing up for a free trial with Yogaglo, where you can find a diverse set of classes, levels, and amazing teachers online. Be sure to check out Kathryn Budig as she is the queen of spicing up any fitness routine.

If you'd rather shake things up with a variety of different fitness classes, Classpass is the ultimate way to try out new things and see what sticks. Choose your favourite kinds of workout, set your location, and then select from a plethora of cool fitness classes available in your city for a set subscription price. For a limited time in some cities they are offering a 2-week free trial! 

Take rest days 

Taking a day off is not something we should feel guilty about — it's a necessary part of our routine which allows muscle growth and recovery. A great way to take a break for your body, but still keep that time for yourself is to check out a meditation class or, if you don’t feel like leaving the house, check out one of the many meditation apps out there. Soothe those aching muscles with a epsom salt bath infused with flowers, then add a face mask and book and you’ve got self-care covered.

If you need some extra stretching, book yourself a massage or grab yourself a foam roller/lacrosse ball and really release those muscles. They will thank you afterwards.

Get some new gear

Sometimes all you need to spark a trip to the gym is a new outfit or gear – we all know how invigorating it feels to refresh your fitness wardrobe. In a world where we are all trying to reduce our environmental impact and become more conscious consumers, there are some great new eco-conscious activewear lines out there that support both our workout movements and the world. For what’s trending in activewear this fall, check out Girlfriend Collective's new fall collection, inspired by nature and made of recycled plastic. If you’re in the market for an eco-conscious yoga mat, check out Manduka’s offering of premium, durable mats and accessories, along with Mukta Being's sustainable cork yoga mats.

(Pumpkin) Spice up your meal plan  

Fall food is the best and eating right can be just what you need to get some energy and head to your work out. Check out what's in season in your area and take advantage of your local farmers' market for their last couple of weeks before they close up for winter.

Bring a friend

Last tip: if you feel like between your workout, work schedule, meal prep, and everyday life errands you have no social life, then find a friend in to come to your classes with you! Walking into a new studio is much less intimidating when you have a pal with you, plus they can make you accountable for coming on a more regular basis. If you can't get to a class, getting a coffee with a friend and hiking or biking a trail to enjoy the fall foliage totally counts!

Any other tips to share? How are you shaking up your health and wellness this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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