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10 Easy #ZeroWaste Swaps You Can Make Today

10 Easy #ZeroWaste Swaps You Can Make Today

Plastic Free July might be over, but we're all about keeping the sustainable swaps going all year long. At this stage of the game, we're all aware that the tides are quickly turning against single-use plastic: bars are banning plastic straws, celebrities are endorsing plastic bans, and major magazines are covering the plastic pollution problem around the world.

While a full switch to a zero-waste lifestyle can be challenging, there's a few easy swaps that we can all make as we work on becoming more sustainable.

Never buy disposable water bottles again.

    Pick up a reusable S’well or S’ip water bottle and keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on end. The exterior of these fashionable water bottles won’t condensate, making it easy to throw them in your bag and avoid buying single-use water bottles while you’re out and about.

    Swap your plastic wrap for beeswax.

      Wrap up your leftover food and cover open bowls or cans with Abeego, a reusable beeswax wrap that can be easily rinsed and reused for over a year. At the end of your Abeego’s life, it’s biodegradable — rather than sticking around for hundreds of years, like its single-use, plastic wrap alternative does.

      Brush with bamboo.

        Switch out your usual plastic toothbrush with a Brush with Bamboo alternative! When you’re done with your toothbrush, its bamboo handle can be composted — rather than filling up landfills.

        Shop using reusable bags.

          If you’re not carrying your groceries home in reusable tote bags, now’s a great time to start. You can even go one step further and use reusable produce bags for your fruits, vegetables, and bulk products at the store.

          Get your coffee to go — sustainably.

            Ditch the plastic pollution, keep the daily coffee habit. JOCO creates beautiful, barista-approved travel mugs that will keep your drink piping hot while reducing your single-use waste.

            Say goodbye to gross sponges and single-use paper towels.

              Rather than keeping your bacteria-ridden plastic sponges in the sink, use Skoy’s fast-drying, dishwasher-safe scrubbers, which cut down on waste while making your kitchen more hygienic. Then replace your paper towels with reusable Skoy cloths: a single cloth can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels, and at the end of its life, it can be composted.

              Make your morning routine a little more sustainable.

                Level Ground’s fair-trade coffee beans (whether you prefer them ground or not!) all come in compostable packaging, and their office and roasting facility in Victoria, BC operate under a “zero to landfill” mandate. Alternatively, buy your coffee in bulk using cloth produce bags, such as Dans le Sac's — then just rinse the bags and reuse.

                Bonus points: if you use filters for your coffee maker, consider replacing them with CoffeeSock’s reusable, 100% organic cotton filters — just rinse, reuse, and enjoy.

                Make that time of month more sustainable.

                  Replace your monthly feminine hygiene waste with the DivaCup: a reusable menstrual cup that's leak-free, easy-to-use, and can be worn for up to 12 hours with no worries.

                  Swap your deodorant out with a healthier option.

                    Make the switch to Routine’s deodorant creams or Meow Meow Tweet’s deodorant sticks! Both come sustainably packaged, with either zero plastic or a minimal amount — and they’re both healthier than traditional deodorants, since they contain all-natural ingredients that won't clog pores or trap toxins.

                    Choose clean beauty packaged in paper, glass, or tin containers over plastic.

                    You don’t have to go full zero waste in order to curb your plastic consumption in your beauty routine — simply look for options that come packaged in paper, tin, or glass when possible. Personally, we love using Eu’Genia Shea moisturizers, Fat and the Moon lip paints, Kismet mist sprays, and Wyld Skincare’s beautiful, biodegradable facial sponges.

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