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Introducing our Partnership with Good Foot

Introducing our Partnership with Good Foot

We are so proud to announce our new partnership with Good Foot, a local courier service that provides both employment and community for people with disabilities. Givalry and Good Foot are both Toronto-born and -bred, and we truly believe this is a partnership that brings Givalry’s core mission home.

Here’s why we love Good Foot.

Good Foot was started in 2010 by Jon and Kirsten Gauthier, siblings who decided to launch their own company after Jon, who has a developmental disability, faced challenges in finding steady work.

Jon wasn’t alone in his challenge to find ongoing employment. In 2011, only 49 percent of Canadians with disabilities were employed, compared to 79 percent of Canadians without a disability. And among Canadians with disabilities, up to 33 percent reported having been refused a job in the past five years due to their condition.

Good Foot’s mission, since its beginning, has been to change that. In 2010, Good Foot started off with two couriers — a team that has now grown to over 40, with a waitlist of over 120 people waiting for employment.

The Good Foot model allows customers, whether businesses or individuals, to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs around Toronto — deliveries that are then carried out on foot or by public transit. All delivery revenues go directly to the couriers.

But executive director Ryan Hollinrake says that Good Foot’s purpose goes far beyond simply providing employment. "Our staff, the reason they stick around with Good Foot isn't because it's just a job. For them, it's a community and it's a way of life,” Hollinrake told the CBC in June.

Good Foot’s couriers stay with the company for years for that very reason — some employees have been working with the company since its very first year. Some will learn how to train new couriers and taking on dispatching duties. And since Good Foot aims to be a community first and foremost, it offers its couriers social programs, lunch programs, a running club, and seminars on healthy eating, finances, and other skills.

“Most of our staff, unfortunately, don't get the exposure to much of a network outside of their own family and this really offers them an opportunity to have a community and to have an opportunity to really grow and learn,” Hollinrake told the CBC.

Why we’ve partnered with Good Foot

While Good Foot functions as a courier service (and a fantastic one at that), it is a non-profit first and aims to be a community that improves all of its members’ lives. Good Foot has a ton of amazing programs in the works, such as the In, Up, and Out Program, a professional growth channel that will help individuals working at Good Foot transition into long-term employment at partnering Toronto businesses.

But to make those programs a reality and increase their reach, Good Foot need funds. We believe our awesome Givalry community is just as invested in seeing Good Foot succeed as we are. Let’s champion their cause — use your everyday purchases at Givalry to support their mission.

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