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Good News Round-Up

Good News Round-Up

As a company that partners with sustainable, ethical companies and organizations that work hard to preserve wilderness and wildlife, we're invested in seeing a positive change for our planet. Sometimes, the bad news on climate change, deforestation, and pollution can seem overwhelming — but we think it's important to pay attention to all of the good changes that are also taking place. It's in our hands to turn this thing around, so it's worth it to see how others are leading by example.

Here's just some of the good news on sustainability that you might have missed this week.

Oregon introduces refillable beer bottles

Although recycling plays a vital role in reducing pollution, it can often be an energy demanding process when working with materials like glass. In order to reduce its carbon footprint, Oregon has introduced a refillable glass bottle. Instead of being heated and remolded in the recycling process, it's simply washed and refilled with a new delicious brew! As one of the United States' craft beer hubs, this is a step in the right direction. We'll cheers to that.

New Zealand bans plastic bags

New Zealand has followed in the footsteps of other cities, states, and countries in showing their commitment to reduce plastic pollution by banning single-use plastic bags. The ban will allows retailers 6 months to adapt to the new law or face fines upwards of NZ $100,000. As New Zealand is one of the largest per capita producers of plastic bags, this ban will have a positive impact on the environment and help future generations #BeatPlasticPolllution.

Care to cut out single-use bags yourself? Check out Dans le Sac's beautiful reusable totes and bags here.

Solar panels can help make more than just energy

Traditionally, the area underneath solar panels has been planted with either turf or gravel. However, many solar farms have begun experimenting with the available space by planting native vegetation, useful crops, and even mushrooms. These crops may prove beneficial in combating food insecurity and also provide a crucial resource to pollinators.

Norway bans deforestation nationwide

In an effort to preserve biodiversity, Norway has taken a stand and committed to a future with zero deforestation. Norway is the first country to take action of this magnitude and significance against deforestation. This ban will not only protect Norway’s unique environment but help absorb greenhouse gasses and improve air quality, making the decision both environmentally and economically beneficial.

California commits to clean energy by 2045

In the wake of continuing wildfires, California has taken a serious stance on climate change by passing a bill to move the state away from fossil fuels entirely by 2045. California is the second state behind Hawaii to establish renewable energy goals of this caliber, setting a precedent for other states looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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