Baby Wipes | Full Size 60ct
Baby Wipes | Full Size 60ct
Baby Wipes | Full Size 60ct
Parasol Co

Baby Wipes | Full Size 60ct

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Parasol baby wipes gently clean baby's delicate, sensitive skin without any leftover sticky residue or overpowering, artificial scents. Just as soft and silky as baby's own skin, but strong enough to clean up life's big messes. Wipe baby from head to toe and use to clean any surfaces or toys baby touches


  • Free of latex, chlorine, fragrance, lotions, lead, and heavy metals.
  • Use anywhere on baby
  • Cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Contains: 60 units per pack.


Pearl pattern spunlace, 99.2% Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water, 0.4% Glycerol, E-Polylysine, Scentless E-1, Cereal Extract, Amino acids from Soybeans